Journal "Regional Studies" is published four times a year, its size and directories vary depending on the content of the articles and the subject matter of the issues.

The journal accepts articles on the theory, methods of regional research, regional policy in Russia and abroad, economic, social, political, and recreational geography, regional economics, bibliographic reviews as well as information on the scientific events on the problems of economic geography, regional economics, regional policy and regional development.
The article submitted for publication should meet the following requirements:

  • the papers should be presented in electronic format (MS Word files with dimension * doc.; the text should have no hyphenation)
  • the size of the article should not exceed 40,000 characters or 16 pages
  • illustrations and drawings should be in black and white (graysckale) with resolution of 300 dpi and extension * pdf., * Tif., * Jpg., * Psd. Each should be sent in individual file.
  • each figure (table) should be numbered, have a title and referred to in the text
  • all images (tables) should be presented in a 1:1 scale mode and be not larger than 140 x 230 mm
  • the contributors must specify the sources of quotations and other information, explain the abbreviations used (except those ones in general use)
  • the contributors are responsible for the accuracy of the facts, quotations, economic and statistical data, proper names, place names and other information as well as for the use of data for official use only
  • the article should have the title, an abstract ( 8-10 lines) and a list of key words in Russian and English.

The contributors must provide the following information: full name, the employer's official name, the information about the contributor's academic degree and title, e-mail address.
All rights reserved. No article or its part may be reproduced without referring to the journal. The articles are peer-reviewed and can be returned to the contributor for revision.
The founders and editorial board may not share the views of the contributors.

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