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Prof. A.P. Katrovsky (Smolensk)

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Prof. S.S. Artobolevskiy (Moscow)
Assoc. Prof. V.E. Shuvalov (Moscow)
Prof. A. I. Chistobaev (St.Petersburg)
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Prof. A.I. Alekseev (Moscow), Acad., Prof. P.Y. Baklanov (Vladivostok), Prof. A.G. Vishnevsky (Moscow), Prof. S.Lentz (Germany), corresponding member. RAO, Prof. Y.N. Gladky (St. Petersburg), Acad., Prof. N.S. Kassimov (Moscow), Prof. V.A. Kolosov (Moscow), Prof. Z. Krišjāne (Latvia),
Prof. G.M. Lappo (Moscow), Prof. N.S. Myronenko (Moscow), Prof. I.I. Pirozhnik (Belarus), Prof. G.M. Fedorov (Kaliningrad)

Editorial office
PhD A.A. Agirrechu (Moscow), Prof. V.S. Belozyorov (Stavropol), Prof. V.S. Bilchak (Kaliningrad), Prof. L.B. Vardomsky (Moscow), Prof. A.V. Gladky (Ukraine), Assoc.Prof. U.P. Kovalev (Smolensk), Prof. B.I. Kochurov (Moscow), D.Sc. L.Y. Mazhar (Smolensk), D.Sc. T.I. Pototskaya (Smolensk),
Prof. I.A. Rodionova (Moscow), Prof.M. Rosite (Latvia), Prof. L.V. Smirnyagin (Moscow), Prof. A.A. Tkachenko (Tver), Prof. V.S. Fateev (Belarus), Prof. M.D. Sharygin (Perm)

Scientific editor
Assoc.Prof. U.P. Kovalev

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Pilyasov. A.N. A thinking man is the measure of all (the memory of Academician Alexander Granberg) 3
Elatskov A.B. Geopolitical relations in the context of geoadaptation 15
Karyakin V.V. Metodological foundations of modern geopolitical dynamics 28
Лопатников Д.Л. Перспективы формирования экологического лобби в регионах России 39
Lopatnikov. D.L. Perspectives of shaping ecological lobby in the Russian regions 39
Streletsky V.N. Regionalism as a cultural phenomenon 45
Michurin S.B., Michurina F.Z. The Concept of Combining Agribusiness and Recreation Industry as the Direction of the Development for Farming Territories 51
Sokolova А.А. The problem of humanitarian trends in geography: difficulties of dialogue 59
Bilchak М.V., Nosachevskaja Е.A. Development of research activity as a resours of modernization of economy of exclave region 70
Goryachko. M.D. The Olympic impulse for postindustrial modernization of the Russian regions 75
Zemlyansky D.Y. Indicative approach to estimating the seasonal dynamics of population in Russia 83
Kleimenov S.P. Market Transformation of the economy of the Pskov region in the context of post-industrial stage of social development 93
Kolomenskaya A.S., Khaustova O.I., Shurbe V.Z. Ecology and population health: the regional dimension 103
Kunitsa M.N. Typology of the rural settlements of central russia: demo-ecological aspect 111
Lyvova E.K. The role of investments in the economic development of China and its regions 118
Pruss E.A. The territorial structure of Japanese banks in the U.S.A. 128
Rodionova I.A., Gordeeva A.S. Information technologies as a factor of the economic growht and development of countries 135
Катровский А.П. Конференция "Социально-экономическая география: история, теория, методы, практика." 141

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