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Prof. A.P. Katrovsky (Smolensk)

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Prof. S.S. Artobolevskiy (Moscow)
Assoc. Prof. V.E. Shuvalov (Moscow)
Prof. A. I. Chistobaev (St.Petersburg)
Editorial board
Prof. A.I. Alekseev (Moscow), Acad., Prof. P.Y. Baklanov (Vladivostok), Prof. A.G. Vishnevsky (Moscow), Prof. S.Lentz (Germany), corresponding member. RAO, Prof. Y.N. Gladky (St. Petersburg), Acad., Prof. N.S. Kassimov (Moscow), Prof. V.A. Kolosov (Moscow), Prof. Z. Krišjāne (Latvia),
Prof. G.M. Lappo (Moscow), Prof. N.S. Myronenko (Moscow), Prof. I.I. Pirozhnik (Belarus), Prof. G.M. Fedorov (Kaliningrad)

Editorial office
PhD A.A. Agirrechu (Moscow), Prof. V.S. Belozyorov (Stavropol), Prof. V.S. Bilchak (Kaliningrad), Prof. L.B. Vardomsky (Moscow), Prof. A.V. Gladky (Ukraine), Assoc.Prof. U.P. Kovalev (Smolensk), Prof. B.I. Kochurov (Moscow), D.Sc. L.Y. Mazhar (Smolensk), D.Sc. T.I. Pototskaya (Smolensk),
Prof. I.A. Rodionova (Moscow), Prof.M. Rosite (Latvia), Prof. L.V. Smirnyagin (Moscow), Prof. A.A. Tkachenko (Tver), Prof. V.S. Fateev (Belarus), Prof. M.D. Sharygin (Perm)

Scientific editor
Assoc.Prof. U.P. Kovalev

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214014, Smolensk, Herzen Str., 2
Smolensk University for Humanities
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Axenov K.E., Yaralayn S.A. Ideological reloading of cityscape with the use of toponimics in cis countries 3
Anoshkina E.L., Karpovich Y.V. Human capital as a component of the territorial capital 12
Gladky A.V. Modern scientific concept of regional management and regional policy 19
Dadov А.Т. The use of input-output table for identifying territorial-production complex (for example the U.S. industry) 27
Pilyasov A.N., Zamyatina N.Y. A comparative institutional analysis as a new tool for studying the problems of spatial development 34

Bulgakova A.I.The regional researches of territory of the Russian empire of the nineteenth century: theory and practice questions 67

Abrosimova I.V. Genesis and development of ethnic space of the Kurgan region: historical-geographical aspect 73
Koldobskaya N.A. Assessment of environmental status of large cities Russia with international index 79
Kuznetsova S.N. Transport-geocraphical location of rural settlements of the Tver region 84
Kurkieva Х.M. Institutional factors of territorial differences of the socio-economical characteristics of settlements (for example Ingushetiya) 94
Magomadov E.M., Reshiev S.S. Socio-economic sphere of the Chechen republic: of states, problems and development prespektivy 102
Nikitas D.V. Studying of the external supply with information of business in Smolensk area 110
Sinichenkova S. Estimation of requirement of machinery in agriculture of Smolensk region 116
Falevich А.S. Ecological and economic problems in the process of waste management (the example of the Smolensk region) 119

Zyuzin P.V. The spatial transformation of urban transport networks in the post-socialist countries of Central-Eastern Europe and the former USSR 124
Gorkina T.I. The formation of energy market of Asia 135
Borisenkova A.Y. EU countries classification by the degree of their involvement in the international tourism 146
Pototskaya T.I. Mediators on the world diamond market: Middle East 150

Ивану Ивановичу Пирожнику 60 лет 158

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