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Prof. A. I. Chistobaev (St.Petersburg)
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Prof. A.I. Alekseev (Moscow), Acad., Prof. P.Y. Baklanov (Vladivostok), Prof. A.G. Vishnevsky (Moscow), Prof. S.Lentz (Germany), corresponding member. RAO, Prof. Y.N. Gladky (St. Petersburg), Acad., Prof. N.S. Kassimov (Moscow), Prof. V.A. Kolosov (Moscow), Prof. Z. Krišjāne (Latvia),
Prof. G.M. Lappo (Moscow), Prof. N.S. Myronenko (Moscow), Prof. I.I. Pirozhnik (Belarus), Prof. G.M. Fedorov (Kaliningrad)

Editorial office
PhD A.A. Agirrechu (Moscow), Prof. V.S. Belozyorov (Stavropol), Prof. V.S. Bilchak (Kaliningrad), Prof. L.B. Vardomsky (Moscow), Prof. A.V. Gladky (Ukraine), Assoc.Prof. U.P. Kovalev (Smolensk), Prof. B.I. Kochurov (Moscow), D.Sc. L.Y. Mazhar (Smolensk), D.Sc. T.I. Pototskaya (Smolensk),
Prof. I.A. Rodionova (Moscow), Prof.M. Rosite (Latvia), Prof. L.V. Smirnyagin (Moscow), Prof. A.A. Tkachenko (Tver), Prof. V.S. Fateev (Belarus), Prof. M.D. Sharygin (Perm)

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Assoc.Prof. U.P. Kovalev

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Zamyatina N.Yu. Cultural factors of the spatial differentiation of socio-economic development: international approaches 4
Naumov A.S. Regional paradygm in the agricultural geography of the world: history and present 15
Pavlyuk S.G. Method of differentiation of urban space (based on the examples of Russia, Western Europe and the US) 26
Treyvish A.I. Geospace, information, mobility and modernization of society 37
Rogachev S.V. Cascade stratification of the countries: hypsometric basis of social life 49
Achkasova T.А. Main morphological structures of territorial innovation systems 57
Popov F.A. The fragmentation of political space: basic forms and modern trends 64
Rogachev S.V. Cascade stratification of the countries: hypsometric basis of social life 73
Elmanova D.S. Higher geographical education in France 86
Romanova E.V. The national innovation system in Germany 98
Smirnyagin L.V. Shifts in the structure of the US economy and their geographical consequences 108
Tikhotskaya I.S. Japanese innovative concept of resources recycling and formation of the sound material cycle society 117
Akimova V.V. Geography of the world solar energy 128
Goncharov R.V. Geographical aspects of oil and gas industry corporate structure evolution 137
Gorkin A.P., Demidova E.E., Kadilova L.A. Wealth of nations and resources unrestricted in terms of location 148
Sokolsky V.M. Structural and territorial transformation of the global chemical industry as the indicator of "a third industrial divide" 153
Kuzina I.M. 80-years history of the department of social and economic geography of foreign countries of the faculty of geography of MSU 164
Сведения об авторах 169

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